I’m a girl and when it comes to having connections with males & females it’s kinda weird. A lot of the boys i’ve met in my life i’ve always grown close too , gotten attached , yk really care for them & when those bonds end it really hurts me. But with girls i never really care when it ends, i’ve had lots of female friends , a lot i had grown close too , shared personal information with them , said I loved them etc. It’s like I think i do but when the bond drifts apart it’s like oh well , i never really cared anyways. I don’t know why i’ve always felt this way maybe because I’ve never really had a loving relationship with my father therefore when i meet guys & build bonds with them they mean a lot to me , having that male emotional connection is something i’ve always craved but maybe that’s a stupid reason. You know i’ve had many girls call me their bestfriend , a good person , trustworthy, whatever else, & like yeah for sure i’ll keep your secrets but deep down i don’t really care for you at all. I’ve just never truly connected with a girl like the way i do with boys . I got this one girl in my life rn , we’ve known each other for almost 3 years now and like she’s a lovely soul , but i don’t believe i truly love her as the bestfriend she calls me . When she goes through struggles or just vents to me I never know what to say , I’ll sit there for 10 mins trying to figure out what to type out and after I send the message it all looks like bs to me . I think i would have a feeling inside me when i would want someone to stay in my life forever but with her i know it’s gonna end , i just know.

2 years ago

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