I came to this site just to get something off my chest even if no one reads it. A couple of months ago I told my mom that when I get older that I want to be a cook, but she totally dismissed the thought, shut it down and told me that I should be something else. She said that I should be something with editing or technology, because I’m always on my phone. I was already nervous to tell her and I somewhat expected some encouragement and reassurance. I already feel depressed a lot and that’s why I doubted myself already and was scared to tell her, that just added insult to injury. And I’ve been thinking about it a lot lot more recently and it’s just making me more depressed knowing that she doesn’t like what I want to do. I’m 13 now so I only have 5 years left to decide what I want to do, and I’m aware that it could change in the future and I’m sure she knows that too. But she could at least support me while this is what I want to be. I just don’t find it fair that all my friends have parents that would support them in a decision like that and mine doesn’t. It’s also a fact that I could burn water, so Im already insecure about not being able to cook, but still wanting to learn (which is very hard for me to do if I have no motivation to.) and try and then she just crashed down on that hope too. The only thing that hasn’t stopped me from killing my self is my bird, one piece, and my online friends. But all comes to an end eventually. I just wished that she would support my decision of becoming a cook. Here’s my main inspiration of becoming a cook and even tho their a fictional character I want to be just like them, I really really wanna try and make one of their dishes which is literally called ‘Sanji’s special soba’. Cooking just looks like so much fun and I would love to feed others. I just wish she would give me the same support Sanji probably would.

2 years ago

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