Honestly, mine isn't serious but I really love my best friend, but she loves someone she barely knows. I'm nonbinary/pan and she's cis/bi, and we've known each other for a very long time, every since we were kids. Then one day she met someone online about her age and they immediately hit it off. We both love to game and her online friend loves to game, too. So whenever her friend joins our server I pretend to have something else to do. I hate this feeling but I don't think she romantically likes me, so there's nothing I can do. Again, we both like anime so she thinks I'm still in love with a fictional character, I am, but I love her more. I want to hold her hand, hug her, and kiss her forehead as she tells me all her problems. I want to pat her head and sit next to her cuddling while watching our favorite shows. I want to have matching usernames with her as she does with her "friend", kiss her hand, and take her to the places she always dreams of. I think I'll keep quiet for now and get over my feelings when they're official.

2 years ago

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