I miss you a lot , i just would like to know what's happening , what is going on with you ? Are you mad at me ? What is the problem ? I am really scared right now , and i want to know what kind of games are you playing ? What happened to you ? since when you ve become so bitter ? Why did you cut me out from your social media ? What have i done to you ? You never do stuff like that , so why to me ? I am just terrified when the topic is you , because you always cross boundaries all the times , if i think you would not go that far i am surprised to see that i was wrong because you are so reckless and never hold back and just have a lower understanding of rules and justice than other people , you go as far as you can without being in trouble. So what happened now what made you change your mind and most importantly why should i care ? You have such a weird way of behaving , it's like when i m dealing with you , i don't have to look at what you say , but always trying to interpret your signals at best , and i really try , i understand that you make a small effort , because you know it's going to be me that is going to text you and just generally reach you . But how far can you expect me to go ? I am just exausted i do not have the strenght to look for you anymore , i ve put my life on pause for months and i am always only think about you and the reasons why you do the things you do , maybe they aren't that deep , maybe you just don't care about me at all , but then how long can i really torture my self thinking about it ? Eventually i had to let you go and now the time has finally come , and after how you ve treated me i don't feel like i am losing much , maybe i can finally be happy again even though a lot is happening in my life right now , but at least i won't have the thought of you bringing me down anymore . I really want to solve your puzzle and try to understand but to what expense ? Haven't i lost enough in this game of gambling ? You are clearly better at it than me , you just have nothing holding you back and always play dirty and that's what makes you win . Is it worth it playing for me anymore ? I don' t think so ... what is your strategy now , you ve cut me from your socials so the only way for me to know that you are ok is to text you ? Is this the plan ? Or did you get sick of me and just cut me out because you don't like me and you think i have done the same ? But then if it was the second one, woudn't you have done it sooner ? Or you just waited for months to see if i would have posted any stories and when you realized it was never going to happen you blocked me from your stories ? But that is very not you , you are narcistic to your core , so i am sure you still want everyone to see what you are doing even of you don't like them , so acting this way with me and now ,? Maybe i am just paranoid and you are going to post soon but even if that happems i think i have to take my distance from you because this is everything but healthy and it's wrecking me from the inside and it's not worth it

2 years ago

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