uhmmm......its me.... Jack-o... it hasnt even been an hour buuuut...... i feel creative and i wanna write fanfic.... because...... why not.... ive been cought up on the jimmy aka mr beastx karl jacobs ship and i kinda have a really good... idea for a fanfiction. so why not. i hope im not the only weird guy who likes this ship lol. uhm, next post ill write the first chapter of the fanfic. im bored sooo..... yeah enjoy whoever wants to. PS im gonna start putting numbers by the (Jack-o) sign. like at the end of this post instead of it being just (Jack-o) its gonna be (Jack-o 2) because this post is the second post of my... posts. so yeah, next post is first chapter of jimmyxkarl fanfic! see yall at the time! :3 alright, enjoy yalls random days. stay hydrated and stay healthy :) -(Jack-o 2)

1 year ago

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