I feel such suppression in American Life, not having a college education not having great jobs my job protected being without a job standing in food bank lines in this country? As a repulsive thought. I'm so depressed my body after losing weight is sagging and places it should not be sagging I've had some surgeries to correct it but I still have some fat between my thighs all my bladder area that makes me feel like I'm so human. The doctors they have that take my insurance are not competent or qualified to do the surgeries they're doing all I want is my body to be tight again so I can find a man and be happy is that too much to ask for in this country run by white corporation white college elected people everywhere you turn everything you need to be happy is denied us from government, Justice through the judicial system, the loss of respect from police officers, it's all college educated people. Denying the rest of us. How can I be happy in a life where I'm being denied the simplest surgeries to give me back my youthful body so at least I could be happy and have someone to love and have a social life again? The technology is there to help us but it's being kept for profit over people the American medical association's new t-shirt profit over people. The poor are getting poorer our tax dollars along with the working class is being sent overseas to Israel and the Middle East there's no hope of my life ever getting better and there's no special card I can play as a 63 year old transgender person still standing in line for my transgender surgery that they're telling me will be 12 to 18 months away. Are you kidding me? There's nothing I can ask for but the government or my insurance companies will give me to make my life well or make my life better why should I live this way and who can I turn to to help me? I've even been humiliated enough to put some of my story on that GoFundMe page. But that's full of all psychopaths sociopaths who give their money to some fat guy who rides across America on a bike as opposed to people who want to put their life back together so they can be productive people and have a better life. That is a joke I think American society has lost their minds there's no doubt about it everyone's angry everyone snapping and everyone else and there's no professionalism left and there is no such thing as victim services I've been there and hold the PFA on a pedophile sex offender who used me for sex knowing I was pedophiled as a child. How in God's name do we get enough money to help us get the surgeries we need to correct the loose skin the flag the fat that we can get rid of when there's no jobs and government subsidies give you nothing I get $800 a month to live on. I don't know what to do I'm full of hopelessness and we're being forced into our Graves because White society has failed to not only protect their own f****** give everyone the same equal justice And rights. We're just a country that screwed up still trying to make up for a past that we had nothing to do with but our ancestors did being Australian we had no part of the American slave trade. All I want to do is have some surgeries to make my skin tight and to have my transgender surgery so I can feel like a human being and now that my insurance pays for it the doctors are still holding me hostage and making me wait and I'm 63 what don't they get? That's your college educated people they don't care they all want to slice of the pie they're self-preservationalist. And getting more money is what they're going to college for. I'm pissed off I'm frustrated I feel forgotten I feel abandoned I feel rejected from the same normal life that everybody wants. Okay I took shots in my spine to help me walk the steroids created a massive weight gain in 8 years I lost it three and a half years 167 lb of exercising 67 times a day not including losing the part of my life when I was fat and alone I paid my price now I just asked for someone to help me it's not major surgeries I need but I need a few just to get rid of the fat and have a better shaped ass isn't that ridiculous? You'd be surprised how many people are by themselves in depressed because they don't have good bodies anymore yet I'm nice looking I'm sexy no one knows I'm transgender and all I need is just a little bit of help and I can't get it. They're letting us decay and rot why they take the good life for themselves and give us hope with a hopeless fool that hangs on a cross who Never was the son of God. If I've made no sense then maybe it's you I think there's something in the bottled water that all college people from government employees to the military to the police to the medical staff of America drink everyday and their perception is twisted they have very little professionalism and they're angry. I asked God please let me die, let me go from this life where I'm held in bondage by my own race and by the very people we elect to help us get ahead. The new Nazi regime college whites.

2 years ago

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