So technically my A lots been on my mind and it's honestly so fucked for me right now my mom's hooked on drugs my mom's husband (not my dad nor stepdad) is a worthless piece of shit that treats me and my brother's like shit and doesn't deserve my mom and recently he had his physco parent call the cops on my brother because my brother hit him for defending my mom and it's all fucked right now and I just want to kill my self and I've honestly been thinking about it for a year now but I'm too much of a pussy to actually do it but anyways yea and I can't vent to my friend's because I don't want there pitty and I don't want them to think of me differently or anything and It'll just be so awkward so I'm just here to vent I'm just so fucked My family is just so bad my sister passed when I was young she was my remodel and me and my brother's relationship is just not there anymore we used to be so close but once my mom got married we just drifted the only reason he hasn't moved out the house yet is because he knows that he can't leave me and my little brother alone in this toxic ass family so he stays and acts as our father figure anyways yea BYE.

2 years ago

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