Chaos lol

To be completely honest I don't know how to put my feelings into words and quite frankly I don't even know what I'm feeling. I'm 14 years old and for some reason, I can feel my skin peeling away I can feel burning on my feet and heavy bags under my eyes that somehow weighs my head down. I can feel more

27 days ago

I’m also 14 and can understand your struggles but don’t worry I promise you it gets better you don’t have to change yourself for anyone becuase your perfect your trying so hard and I know it’s difficult to keep going it’s okay to trip up sometimes it happens to the best of us but just don’t give up learn from all the falls you have and keep going no matter how many people try tear you apart please please please reach out to someone as well a professional is best, your feelings are important and it’s key that you find the help you need before it gets worse your so brave you’ve got this okay!

15 days ago

I understand how you feel. I'm so tired of everything. I try so hard for my parents and me to be the best version of myself but everyone still hates me and I barely can call friends, friends. I just to die but I know people will just use their fake sympathy on me. sometimes I wish I could just disappear and maybe hopefully people will forget about me. one day I had a killing headache and my body was so sore and I tried to tell my parents but they just ignored me and went on and yelled at me and blamed me for things I didn't do. and I never have anyone to tell things to because no one truly cares and I hate it.

26 days ago