Why does my mind think that rice and chicken are so deadly for me to eat but no one else and why do I break down when my parents try to ask about it. I don’t want to become scared of eating any more foods but it seems like it is going to eat a bit and that scares me so much because my dad went and said to me what happens when your at a friends house and your served this food? He also said you can’t keep cutting out loads of different foods from your diet and being so picky on hygiene. I think it all comes from my massive fear of vomiting and vomit and that the food will make me sick in some way or another but I am hardly eating breakfast now as I don’t feel hungry and I am having nights especially last night where I am awake for chunks in the night just worrying and having to distract myself. How do I get better from something like this without it being really scary?

2 years ago

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