Before I start I want to apologize if the quality of writing is poor or if sentences aren't fully made. I hope to still get the full point and message across, Thank You. This is definitely a more depressing situation, I'm a sixteen year old teen boy and my father had an altercation with 2 men and 1 girl on a highway after he left the bar one night in November 2020. Before I dive deeper into the situation I need to set some points about my father and myself. I currently live with my 52 year old father and 22 year old sister since my parents have gotten divorced. I look to my dad as the main source of security and inspiration. My father suffers from severe depression and anxiety to the point he cannot work a full time job. He does his best to support my family despite his struggles with mental illness. He has been a great father for us and the backbone to my family. He is always there when I need support in my relationship, school or just life in general. Now going back to his situation, he wasn't pleased with the speed they were going on the highway and passed them, they didn't like that too much. They started passing each other. My father tried to speed away but their cars were clearly faster than his. Eventually my dad had enough and pulled over before someone ran off the road. My father always has carried a knife with him for self defense of him and his family. And was planning to threaten the knife before someone got seriously hurt, he flips the knife out before he steps out of his car and immediately gets attacked. His jacket was pulled over his head and pushed to his knees, with no visibility he panicked and started scrambling the jacket off his head. Before the jacket was off he grabbed one of the guys and stabbed him in his abdomen 5 times. After the girlfriend threatens to fight him he tells her the stab victim is injured and she needs to bring him to the hospital. He comes home that night around 2am, and I wake up the next morning to a state trooper parked outside my house. After many pictures and questioning my dad was finally able to explain to me what happened, at the time I had no idea the depth of the situation. After a couple days, my dad turned himself in although there never was a warrant or anything not 100% sure why or where he went. But it was best in his situation to turn himself in instead of getting picked up by a cop. He was in jail for roughly 7-10 days and from the short calls my sister and I received from him his mental health was deteriorating very fast and he was going "insane" (not literally) with the other prisoners who were lunatics'. After coming back to the house he was forced to wear an ankle bracelet, he was not on house arrest just was being monitored. The victim is alive and there is a hearing set in August 2021. He struggles trying to find enjoyment with his life currently with the weight of the situation on his shoulders. He has clearly stated to my sister and I that he is not going to go to jail again. He would just be getting "tortured" in there. He said he would rather take his own life and is set on doing so if the situation gets to that point. Now that I had never experienced a real serious situation like this have been struggling with the possibility that I might lose my father. My father wanted to tell me so at least I could prepare, and not be shocked if all goes wrong. Some nights I worry and begin to cry about the huge hole in my life that my father will leave behind and I wonder how my life will go without a father figure. I tend to worry about the negative side of a problem more without too much confidence in the positive side or that's what I think. With the time before the hearing getting less and less I worry more and more about my father's life and my own. I feel that I needed to vent and talk about this issue with someone outside of my close relationships with family or my partner. I wanted to say Thank You so much to anyone who took the time out of their day to read this and maybe even decide to comment.

2 years ago

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