I'm a guy who's trying to get into the music world. For years I wanted to have my own songs out there, but I never felt totally ready. My family never suported me. My friends like my song but... that was it. I held too much and for so long on this excuse of never being supported and on the need of having a steady life with adult obligations, but I had enough. So I'm preparing to record a music video soon, I have songs that I will put out on January and I'm seeting profiles on the internet (GueibMusic) to finally make my dream come true. I don't care if my songs hits one person, as long as it hits someone. Because once my songs were just mine, were just rhymes that I wrote all alone while crying drunk (and naked) on my room. Now I feel like it's time for people to hear and to feel embraced by my fears and traumas and drama because I know I'm not alone. Even tho I felt that way. I knew that I was alone, but I know that that's not a excuse to not believe in myself. I need to do that first so others can do too. Not the other way around. And I'm so excited about that. I'm planning every little thing to release something great and soon!

3 years ago

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