tw 53xu41 4bu53 i sexually assaulted my younger sister when i was maybe 11 yrs old and she was about 4. it was cuddling (?) for a short time ??? no genitals touched and it wasn't rape not that it makes it any good but it has to be my biggest regret ever. i want to apologize to her but i cant,, the thing with this situation is i know she doesn't remember. that makes me question what i should do to show im sorry bc she doesn't know, and apologizing to her now or later in life can mean me making her life more difficult,,, placing a trauma upon her she didnt know about. someone please give me advice on what i should do , ive considered just treating her the best i can and leaving what is done in the past behind but even so the guilt overwhelms me every day idk if i wanna do it anymore man even if she has no idea i dont care i made her uncomfortable in the moment ,and theres nothing i could ever do to undo what i did . i know how that feels so to just see her everyday knowing what i did kills me :( (((( Sometimes i think that the universe in a way has paid me back for my wrongs (sexual assault/harassment as a child, child pornography of me distributed on two separate occasions, groomed for a year+ from 2020-2021) but even so i just wish there was something to fix it and btw i am 14 now :[ i am not the victim i am the perpetrator here and i need to know what the best thing i can do is right now ,, the only person who knows abt this is me

2 years ago

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