Hello. I'm 19, I'm gay and this happened to me 2 weeks ago. One of my friends, who identifies as straight, came to my house and told me his girlfriend broke up with him. He just kinda collapses next to me on the sofa and tells me everything. Apparently they were having issues because he didn't want to have sex often and she thought he acted "unmanly" ... we talk for a bit and then I put my arms around him and hold him down against my chest for a long time, stroking his back while he just lays there and breathes heavily. I get a boner from him laying on top of me, it pokes him through my sweatpants. He doesn't say anything but puts his hand on my cock, slowly just rubbing the bulge as if he wanted to pretend nothing was happening. I start to breathe heavily, putting my hand on his butt, I decide fuck it and put my cock out and I grab his hand and put it on my cock. Fast foward, we kiss and he starts sucking my dick, he's terrible and I feel his teeth a lot but I don't care. I get up and start jerking myself off with my cockhead on his tongue, the sight of him with his tongue out made me cum almost immediately. After that we sleep together and I cuddle him, the next morning we both pretend nothing happened and we haven't talked since. I feel like shit, I feel like I fucked up and that I lost one of my best friends. Help?

1 year ago

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