So it was one of these days in the past few weeks I started looking at my sis and thinking of her sexually I mean like who doesn’t they have a vagina and boobs and it’s hot so yeah don’t judge me I’m 15 and a virgin my sis is 14 and my now ex gf is 15, 2 months younger than me all I ever did with her was get high and eat her out and sneak out so yeah also I recently just started looking online at younger girls like 11 or 12 and I don’t know why they just make me so horny and it’s the only thing that interests me is the porn stories on here and the younger people in these I just want help because it causes a boner like 24/7 and I actually have blue balls like bad. One day I was looking at my sis then I went in my room about to go to bed and then I was thinking about going in my sis room and while she was asleep fucking her and cumming in her but then I passed out and woke up in the morning normal.

1 year ago

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