Sick, Demented, Depraved New Jersey Pushes Trans-Ideology On Children As Young As Six.

New Jersey pushes trans-ideology on children as young as six years old. Schools are now being used to indoctrinate and sexualize little children to serve the sexual whims and appetite of adults. According to the New York Post, second graders in New Jersey will be required to take classes more

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19 days ago

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24 days ago

All the bullshittery is in your comments. Where are your sources and the voices in your head don't count. Tell us how you got brain damaged. C'mon tells us.

24 days ago

LOL...if it were true you wouldn't use off the wall sources. You gotta dig deep for this level of bullshittery.

24 days ago

Yes every news story that you do not agree with is a "completely untrue lie". Nobody gives a damn what you think. We can read for ourselves. Obviously the report is accurate and you have offered nothing to show otherwise. Go back to Raw Confessions.

25 days ago

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