Hi, I'm writing this bc it's been on my for a while and I'm not sure what to do abt this situation. So my ex and I broke up a little more than 5 months ago over something really stupid. It was basically that I was worried about what other people would say and he used to reassure me all the time until that one time when he didn't... and he just backed me up on all my insecurities (in a like calm way lol) but then I suggested if that's how he felt too then we should just break up and he said okay... so I was obviously very confused and so we ended up breaking up but talked about it a bit more and I just felt that he was so confused about whether he actually wanted this whole relationship or not. anyway so 5 months go back and he reaches out by sending me a gift and texting me that he "wants to talk". so we talk and long story short he says he was stupid for not knowing what he wanted then and that he knows he wants me back. he goes on about how it was the biggest mistake in his life and that he still loves me. oh and we were in a long-distance relationship too! but I'm not sure if I believe him... not that I think he is just saying all this for no reason but I just feel like there is more to it. My family and friends say it's a bad idea to reconsider taking him back bc I deserve someone who stays not someone who comes back after he realized sth he should've already known 6 months ago... he has been calling and texting every day now for the last week but IDK why I am even talking to him... does anyone think this is unhealthy?? should I talk to him? ugh HELP

2 years ago

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