This is a dream that I had. [There is a fuck load of horror shit in here, as well as some semi-graphic choking scenes and blood. Read at your own risk] It's all ants, all over you. You're swimming and drowning in ants. It's disgusting, and it feel so peculiar, and sometimes it's okay and sometimes you hate it. The ants are crawling in your eyes and nose and mouth and ears, and you can't move to push them away, they just are. It is all ants. Everything is ants. You are not ants, but you are one with the ants, and they are one with you. They are crawling through your veins. You try to scream out, but you choke; They're crowding your throat, and you're suffocating. You are choking on the ants, and they are crawling rapidly to try and escape your clenching esophagus. They clamber and work to push open your epiglottis and proceed down your trachea and downward into your stomach. They are dying in the acid, but they still proceed. You are not only being swarmed by living ants, but also being filled by hundreds of corpses of dead ants. They have grown violent, if they weren't before, and are eating your flesh. They puncture out of your skin from within your veins and before you know it, you are bleeding out in a pool of ants. (And then I woke up, cringing and tensing and physically disgusted)

2 years ago

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