I’m so insecure about literally everything, my self esteem is so so low and I’ve even canceled plans before bc I feel so bad abt myself and my appearance. I can’t walk infront of ppl, stand up infront of a class etc. I’m always in the back and I’m never in any pictures. At my friends birthday party last year they were planning on taking group pics to post but I couldn’t bring myself to join them, but Ik I’m like this due to bullying in middle school/high school and I know it’s just in my head because my appearance has obviously changed since I was a kid but the damage is still done and I don’t know how to fix it, anytime anyone complements me or anything I can’t help but think their just saying that because they feel bad, I’ve had multiple failed relationships bc I honestly just can’t believe anyone could like me and I feel like it’s a joke or dare or something when anyone says something positive about me. I don’t know how to help myself and not even being complemented can make me feel the least bit better, I’m so sick of feeling this way and I just want to be able to be confident like other people.

2 years ago

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