people always tell me that bad things happen to me because of my decisions. I'm told everyday that I can make any decision I want, but all my decisions are bad in their eyes. I have to listen to my mom bitch and complain about me everyday, but when I complain about literally anything she get's pissed off every single time and goes into the some bullshit life lesson story thing. but it's not just my mom either, I have to listen to everyone's garbage about me or how I'm not doing something that's up to their standards. apparently I can't live by my own standards because my brain is "still in development". I go to school everyday just to get my fucking privacy violated. I fucking wish that I could stand up to these people, but I'm trapped in this situation. every time I try to express my feelings people either shutdown the conversation, make fun of it, or twist it in their favor. I mean yeah, I have a counselor but they're just another person who tries to make me conform to more standards. they say they want to help me and that they're doing everything they can, but that I'm not taking any suggestions or co-operating. so no, I don't have a fucking positive opinion or outlook on anything because everyone fucked it up for me.

2 years ago

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