I'm an early 30's male, with a female cousin in her mid 20's (one of dozens). We never really saw each other growing up, but as adults have connected on a usually family friendly, mature way. And I know it's probably just me. But we speak sometimes even daily over Snapchat. Nothing bad has ever happened, and she's a standup mature kind individual, yet she's the only one I talk to this often, and we even exchange conversations through selfies. I have even worked my way into getting to compliment her looks the way a close friend would. At its thickest, I got away with being just slightly flirty, ie "I'm this close to just saying what comes to mind next time I see a selfie of you so heads up" to which she said "lol feel free to say whatever you want, all my friends do x-D". Followed by "you're on now." And her response being "lmao do it". My heart pounds when I get snaps from her now. Usually it's very cordial and once again, she is an incredibly smart hard working clean respectable person, nowhere near just "easy". But god I love it. Her respectability makes it all the more perfect to keep things mostly at bay, and I'm sure she's probably just being a young 20's friendly chill pal to talk to. But I would give anything to just say "you are so sexy and I wish you were in my state just so we could cuddle" That's all. Oh, and she did send a series of selfies last summer of her tanning outside, in a bikini. I would brush it off as a mass snap, but when I responded directly, she sent another one to just me in response. Laying in a bikini, smiling, boobs in frame. And it was just to me. She's just an open minded angel. But god I want to tell her things.

2 years ago

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