So back in High School I dated this girl I liked in the 9th grade and it was my first ever relationship with someone. At first we hit it off well and I really fell in love with her. After a year though we broke up because I "changed." I don't know what she meant by that and I still don't to this day. However, after the relationship we became friends and although I was still heartbroken, I was just happy to be by her side and to see her happy. Fast-forward 8 years and now I am starting to feel the same I did back then and now I'm crushing over her again. But my problem came when I was afraid that she might not like me anymore or that she had moved on. I still remember how hurt I felt when we broke up and I'm also scared that I could potentially ruin our friendship if I ever asked her out again. I asked a friend who is in our group for advice and they told me that if i love the person enough to ruin a friendship then I should. I thought about messaging her but I don't want to make things awkward and I still want to be her friend. I miss her and she looks like she is living her best life and I don't want to be the reason to ruin her day.

2 years ago

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