Anyways this is just a question but i'm soon to be 16 and i'm thinking about losing my virginity to this guy, i feel a strong connection to him and i'm planning to lose it at 17 but just now now because it's just a busy year, yeah? okay. he's nice and we're both talking and telling what we wanna do with each other but not like that but just as an example like "when i see you i wanna hold your hand and tell you how much i actually love you and give you a kiss" he makes me feel butterflies and every time i think about him i start fantasizing about him and what i wanna do to him further more in the relationship when we see each other at school since we met in July 8, his voice turns me the fuck on and i just wanna hug him tightly and give him kisses, Aheh. give y'alls opinions if i should !

2 years ago

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