You said, “Fight something I don't know about. Remember something I never did. Pursue something I don't want. Convince people that won't listen. Cease something I'm not doing. There are three things you will never find in me: regret, guilt, and shame. There is one thing you will never get from me: surrender.” But the real underlying reason why it’s not going to happen is this: YOU👏🏽 Are👏🏽 A👏🏽 Coward👏🏽 Why have you chosen to be a coward? because you don’t want to look at the truth because it doesn’t affect you in a direct way, or so you don’t think it does But it affects you in a deeper way than you’ll ever admit Just like in the 70s 80s and 90s when white people would act like people saying f;?& the police are crazy. they said that but now we all know because we’ve seen the videos on YouTube and know that people who said and say f/&! The police aren’t crazy AT ALL. Actually they were the only honest people in the situation. We all know that the white people who said they are crazy are LIARS, losers and more than anything cowards. In other words, they’re some of the worst human beings in the United States. The same principle applies here: your denial changes nothing about the realities here and you WILL be judged for choosing to be a coward which is ironic because I know it’s the opposite of what you wanted, image wise You wanted to be seen as a victor but in your pursuit to attain the image of some modern day hero or God, you lost not only that but everything because of your frail ego that refused to look at the truth

1 year ago

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