I hope writing makes me feel better. I haven’t gone to school in 3 months my mom says I will catch up but I failed my grade and I should already be in the next grade but I never went to then next grade and my friends are all going to the next grade while I’m stuck in 2 grades behind them. My mom has always said I’m smart which I know she say that because she’s my mom. I can’t stop thinking about when I was in another state before I moved but I’m also scared to go back because my dad who was an alcoholic and abusive still lives there, and I’m scared of him. Plus my uncle who hates us and sexually assaulted me also lives their , but I just miss all Of my friends and dance classes and celebrations that it gets me down. Also does anyone else feel like this world is just fake or you are the only one with a sense of mind and you are the only one with a point of view. Cause I some times feel like that and I think to myself I’m insane for thinking about it yet I almost believe but not to much to where I would go insane and stay away from people cause no matter what I sometimes am happy but when everyone is gone all I can think about is this is not a real world. I don’t know how much longer I can put a face face on and pretend that I’m not about to go insane.

2 years ago

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