I hate not being able to use my words the way I want to and they come out wrong and upset people and I hurt them and my self and I feel pitiful that I’m the one crying cuz I’m the one that didn’t use my words the right way I try to take time to think put my words but a lot of the time they don’t come out right and I hate when I offend people or hurt them I just want to hurt my self really badly and say goodbye to everyone cuz I feel so bad about my self I thought I got my suicidal problem under control but it’s been comeing back and I hate it I hate my break downs when I’m the person in the wrong for being SO FUCKING STUPID TO NOT THINK MY WORDS FULLY TROUGH I HATE MY SELF FOR IT EVERY FUCKING DAY WHY WHY WHY DOSE MY ADHD DO THIS WHY DOSE EVERY THING I DO HAVE TO BE WRONG WHY DO I HAVE TO SAY BAD THINGS ON ACIDENT WHY DO INHAVE TO CRY AFTER I GET YELLED AT WHY DO I HAVE TO CRY WHEN IM THE INE WHO WAS IN THE WRONG WHO SAID THE WRONG THING WHO WAS THE BAD PERSON WHY DO I CRY LIKE IM THE VICTIM CUZ IM NOT IM JUST THE IDIOT THAT DOSENT KNOW ANY BETTER AND MESSES THEIR WORDS UP AND SAYS BAD THINGS AND HURTS PEOPLE I DONT MEAN TO BUT I DO AND I CRY AND CRY CUZ IM FUCKING STUPID WHY DO I DO THIS IM NOT THE ONE WHO WAS TOLD THE THINGS IVE SAID IM THE ONE WHOS SAID IT BECUSE IM STUPID AND I HATE HIRTING PEOPLE CUZ IM SO FUCKING STUPID I CANT CHOOSE MY WORSS RIGHT OR I CANT USE MY WORDS RIGHT

1 year ago

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