Hii so I’m so confused on my friendship with my guy friend. I would always talk to him everyday and he sometimes got annoyed so I stopped texting for a few days and for some reason he wanted to talk more. So we did and he said he had a gift for me on Christmas I was out of the city so I told him if I could have it when I went back, it was weird tho cse he isn’t the affectionate kind. I stopped texting him for a couple days and he seemed fine we then talked and then I was busy for two days and he got rly upset that that I didn’t text him. I thought he said it was fine and he proceeded to say that he wasn’t gonna give me the gift anymore. The next day he shows up saying that he changed his mind and was sorry. I said it’s fine. The gift was white roses, and chocolate. and then 1-2 weeks pass and he said he was gonna give me red roses this time. It felt weird that it was coming from him because he had a gf and suddenly he’s being too nice to me... mind u that he still wanted to keep texting daily now. It’s been a week that we last talked and he hasn’t sent me a message that he’s upset. I used to like him and he did too but with a gf I don’t know if he is starting to have feelings for me again. But I was sure that he said he wouldn’t date me..

2 years ago

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