I have thoughts about starving myself, I have lack of control in my life so it’s be nice to lose more weight. I don’t have anything in this house too eat that’s healthy.. my mom buys junk food. And although she and others say I’m skinny I jsut see some fat kid in the mirror who’s worthless and ugly and who should just kill the self already...and the list goes on. I thought I was getting better yknow? But I’ve been having thoughts and plans about how too get thin. Is wanna be thin I know I won’t ever be wanted by anyone and know no one will care about me once i get skinny..I just wanna stop hating myself..I’ve been saving posts of ppl who I wish I looked like..I wanna have a thigh gap and I wanna have a defined jawline, I jsut hate my body. Soemtimes I self harm and cut it...anyways I look up too those who can be healthy and thin when I’m over here struggling.

1 year ago

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