so i did this a few days ago to distract myself from seriously considering putting a gun to my head. i have fought my ex wife over various battles to see my son how the agreement was laid out for nearly half a decade now. she's a doctor now and just graduated med school and took a contract in another state so we're having a relocation and modification custody hearing. she wants to bring up my drinking, which she swears is in front of my son but it's not, and she has no way of proving it, but hasn't let me see him for a month now, our court date isn't until may 20th, in which she's told me she's attempting to eliminate my parental rights and visitation agreement completely, thus taking me out of his life. the law is on my side, and hell is coming with me on may 20th, and if the law wants to make it a personal vendetta, i will appeal until i take the case before a senate judiciary if necessary. i'll take it to the desk of joe biden in hand, personally. nobody is robbing my son of his father. not a judge, not my ex wife. not god himself. if i am unsuccessful and god has other plans.. then i shall promptly meet him in the afterlife for an explanation.

2 years ago

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