Fuck you. I went easy on you, i trusted you, i opened up to you, i let myself be vulnerable around you. i BELEIVED you. and you spat it in my face. i always cared so much, but no one realises how easy it is for me to not a give a fuck. bcs all of a sudden i dont give a single fuck about you. YOU LIED. you used me, you played with my feelings. I HELPED YOU. I HELD YOUR HAND THROUGH EVERYTHING. and you just took that trust and betrayed me. you used so many things against me. i opened up to you, i trusted you, i loved you. BUT FUCK YOU. most importantly fuck me for thinking you were worth the time. your a peice of shit. you deserve whatever you get, you dont deserve me, no one deserves me. i always said im a horrible person to be on the wrong side of. and you are getting that worst part of me. idc how much it breaks you, you dont like it? oh funny that. cos im mirroring you. take your own shitty personality just like evryone else did. YOU USED ME TO GET OVER HIM. AND YOU LIED ABOUT WHAT HE DID, YOU RUINED HIS LIFE, YOU DONT FUCKING LIE ABOUT ASSULT. you lost all respect for yourself, so ive lost all respect for you. fuck you <3

2 years ago

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