I am 27 years old woman. I have been in relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. I am pregnant now . I missed my period .I was not feeling well .I tested positive .I checked it 2 times.i don't know should I be happy or cry. I'm not ready for this. My boyfriend is very happy and he is planning to marry me soon. I am just so out of mind.im having morning sickness . I have not said anything to my family. My mom will not be happy with this news. I told my boyfriend I am not ready to have a child right now. He said I will look over everything ..don't worry. I have this mix feeling. My mom will hate me for this. But my boyfriend side family might be happy don't know...his house is nice.but theres always so many relatives don't know how will I survive with them o god...and his toilet is the worse one..I'm pregant woman and I can't suffer like this...I feel like killing myself I'm in huge trouble ...my life is ruin .

1 year ago

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