how many times will my family make me feel bad about myself? I tend to become obsessed with things a lot, and when i do they become major hyperfixations. As a result, I constantly talk about them and whatnot, sharing facts or cool stuff about the obsession. But my parents always make me feel bad about them. They talk badly about my fixation and make me feel like I'm stupid for liking it at all. My current fascination is Queen (the band), and my dad was bashing me for my "poor" taste in music and saying that they only have 3 good songs, and then continued on to say that I only like them because Freddie Mercury is bisexual. While I do have a habit of enjoying things that LGBTQ+ are or were created by LGBTQ+ people because I myself am queer, that is not the reason i like them. I genuinely like them as people and i thoroughly like their music. My mom, who used to be my biggest supporter, has made me feel bad about every single decision i make and constantly xomplains about how much i talk about my obsessions. It sucks that nobody is supporting me or is at the very least respecting my interests, and idk what to do.

2 years ago

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