Im young, and i know young love doesent really work out. But i keep catching feelings for people, getting in a relationship with them, and then they break my heart. I met someone recently who i like. And i think shes perfect in every way. Im not completely sure she likes me back but everything about her is just- perfect. Theres only a couple problems about asking her out though. She flirts with alot of people and shes been in 3x more relationships than me. Also that all my friends would be disappointed to hear that i got in yet another relationship that will probably not work anyway. I dont know what to do. I feel cornered, like i have nowhere to go. i seek relationships because people dont show affection to me and though i know i am a great person, i cant thrive without someone supporting me. I dont care what advice i get. I just need some sort of help to know what to do.

2 years ago

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