She’s being a bitch. I said, “name one time today that you invited me to do something else.” “Get away from me, you fucking monster.” I wanted to do stuff today. But every time I was ready to do something, she says that I should have been ready when she was ready. But she was never ready in the first place. How am I supposed to live up the standards she’s setting for me if she doesn’t even commit to them herself? Hypocrite. And yet she expects me to do all this independent work. Maybe I need her help with the work but she’s always busy. I’m working my ass off too but she doesn’t seem to give a fuck. She seems to think that I am lazy, no I know that she thinks that I am lazy, because she told me herself. What kind of a mother sets a double standard like this for her daughter? I get it, teenage brain fuzz but no. She’s the one with the illogical argument in this case.

2 years ago

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